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About Us

About Us

Factory Buys Direct.com is one of the largest e-commerce companies focused on Ventless Fireplaces, Gas Log Sets, Gas Fireplaces, and Outdoor Living products.

The opportunity for prosperity is achieved through hard work and Factory Buys Direct.com is rooted in the history and the people of Bowling Green, KY.

The Cherokee Indians that farmed the valleys and hunted in the mountains called this area, "The Enchanted Land."

The settlers that moved into north Georgia created rural communities and the frontiersmen were known for their ruggedness and self-sufficiency.

FactoryBuysDirect.com has carried on this tradition of self-sufficiency and humble beginnings by starting in a small warehouse in Canton, GA in 2011.

The company began by selling reconditioned wall heaters and employed 5 full time local workers.

Since that time, Factory Buys Direct.com has grown to an 85 thousand square foot manufacturing facility that employs over 17 full time local residents.

The company's product line has also steadily grown by launching exclusive brands like Duluth Forge and Avenger that are some of the finest Ventless Fireplaces, Gas Log Sets, Gas Log Fireplaces, and BBQ grills on the market.

By investing in our employees and by optimizing our manufacturing efficiencies, we have evolved into a global manufacturer of world-class products.

Factory Buys Direct.com creates the highest quality product for the best customer experience to provide comfort where you Work, Live and Play.

The Factory Buys Direct Difference!

We save you money by buying highly desirable products and passing the savings along to you. Our purchasing, marketing and engineering team has extensive experience working at the leading manufacturers which allows us to source only from quality factories and design additional features into our products. This difference provides our competitive edge on products that will meet and exceed your expectation!

Check back often! We are always adding new products and expanding into new categories.

Our Promise

Factory Buys Direct will source, design, and manufacture the best quality product with focus on value added features that are meaningful and enhance the product experience for you, our customer. We offer after-sale support to provide guidance and customer service to insure your purchase is satisfactory and meets your expectation.

Our Mission

At FactoryBuysDirect.com, our mission is to provide online shoppers the highest quality, best value products available by purchasing direct from factories and passing the savings on to you.

Our Family of Brands

Factory Buys Direct's portfolio of brands includes:


The Avenger Brand focuses on Value driven and Premium products that are primarily need driven. These products place more emphasis on function over fashion and are more utilitarian in nature for the Home, Workplace and Construction Site.

Product Categories Include: Vent Free Gas Space Heaters - LP Forced Air Construction Heaters - Kerosene Forced Air Construction Heaters.

Duluth Forge

Duluth Forge:

The Duluth Forge Brand focuses on Premium products that are placed in your home to provide a need-based solution but are also décor enhancing products to fit your lifestyle. They place equal emphasis on function and fashion.

Product Categories Include: Vented and Vent Free Gas Logs - Vent Free Fireplace Systems - Vent Free Gas Stoves.

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Headquarters, Customer Care
2701 Industrial Drive
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101

Shop with Confidence

Shop with Confidence

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

30 Day Money back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with an item that you have purchased, you may return it within 30 days from the date received.

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