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Electric Fireplaces

Infrared Electric Fireplaces offer yet another powerful heating alternative, to those who seek the cozy warmth and ambiance of a fireplace, without the fire. Skip the hassle of having to install gas burners, as with a Gas Fireplace, with these self-contained Electric units. You’ll love the look and feel of the fireplace and the ease of install and maintenance!

Our Infrared Electric Fireplaces feature glowing embers, adjustable background lights and radiate powerful heat through your home. A handy remote control is included which conveniently allows you to adjust the thermostat, lights, flames, timer, and power your unit On and Off. The convenience and effectiveness of these fireplaces will make your home even more cozy and comfortable!

With a variety of options for style, color, and shape you are sure to find a high-quality furniture piece that will complement your home’s décor. No outside vents are required to enjoy these heating home accents. Simply plug in our Infrared Electric Fireplaces, kick up your feet, and enjoy the warm glow of the realistic embers!


Infrared Technology

Infrared heaters work by emitting invisible infrared light, which absorbs into your skin and other objects heating them up. This means that there is no waiting for the heat to build up. The second the infrared heater is powered on, heat particles will be emitted immediately to warm you up.

This technology is also healthier for you than other electric heaters. Typical electric heaters use fan-forced air which can reduce oxygen levels and dry out the room. With infrared electric heaters, you never have to worry about your sinuses or skin drying out from the heat.

They are also  completely environmentally friendly! There are no byproducts being released to the air and nothing being stripped from the air. Infrared light is a safer heating alternative for you and the environment!

These heaters are silent and very efficient. The infrared technology does not make a sound, making these electric fireplaces the perfect accessory for a peaceful living room. They also emit a relatively large amount of heat for the power that they use, making them cost and energy efficient.

Another great thing about infrared heaters is that they require very little maintenance. There aren’t any moving parts or motors that would wear out and need to be replaced. This makes them even more cost efficient compared to regular electric fireplaces that use fan-forced air to heat the room.

These infrared fireplaces are sure to bring you warmth and joy with their convenience and effectiveness, along with their unique and high-quality design!

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