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​Black Friday Sale Gift Guide

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​​Black Friday Sale Gift Guide

Black Friday Guide

The Holidays are right around the corner and if you haven't thought about gifts yet, you may be in for some shopping mall pain.

If that's the case, FactoryBuysDirect has you covered and you don't even have to leave your living room.

Infrared Electric Fireplace

Give the gift that keeps on giving....warmth!

Skip the hassle of installing gas burners and get a self-contained Electric Fireplace that radiates powerful heat throughout your home.

The Duluth Forege Infrared Electric Fireplaces features glowing embers, adjustable background lights, and has a variety styles, colors, and shapes.

The remote control is included which allows you to adjust the temperature, lights, flames, and timer.

No outside vents are required to enjoy an Infrared Electric Fireplaces, so relax and enjoy the romantic glow of a realistic fire.

Electric Fireplace for Black Friday

White ProCom Full Size Deluxe Electric Fireplace

This electric fireplace has the convenience of a single touch activation remote control and a gorgeous mantel.

No messy wood or professional installations, just plug it in and enjoy!

Shelf Mantal with Corbels

The essential element to every great-looking fireplace is the mantel, as they add style that is also functional.

A mantel is the perfect place to display your prized possessions, but they also provide protection to the wall closest to the fireplace.

A floating mantel shelf is a simple and attractive addition to every room.

Antique White Mantel for Black Friday

Duluth Forge Antique White Fireplace Shelf Mantel

This High Quality Solid Wood Fireplace Shelf Mantel by Duluth Forge is perfect for small to medium size fireplaces.

The 9 inch depth shelf allows plenty of room for displays, additional storage or a decorative touch.

Fire Glass Burner Kit

Fire glass burners create the most stunning effect as the glass emits a mesmerizing sparkle!

You can replace ceramic logs with fire glass that is stunningly modern.

Designed for efficiency, Duluth Forge Vented Fire Glass Burner Kits are guaranteed to impress everyone who walks into your home with their brilliant flame.

Duluth Forge Vented Fire Glass for Black Friday Gift

Duluth Forge Vented Fire Glass Burner Kit

Introducing the most innovative styles for heating, the Aurora Glass Burner!

The U-Burner chassis provides multiple rows of real dancing flames.

The Duluth Forge Vented Fire Glass Burner Kit adds a moderni element to any interior space.

Fire Glass

Fire glass is tempered glass that retains and directs heat in gas fireplaces and fire pits.

Fire glass does not burn, but instead retains and reflects heat and light as a result of burning gas.

It makes the gas from your burner flow like an effervescent liquid flame resulting in a beautiful blaze.

The tempered glass resists the intense heat of a gas burning fireplace and will not melt or produce fumes or soot.

Fire Glass for Black Friday Gift

Duluth Forge Premium Reflective Classic Clear Fire Glass

The Emerald Fire Glass features a bold and modern elegance for both indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits.

This Duluth Forge Glass is available in both our Classic (non-reflective) and Premium (reflective) Collections.

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