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Best Housewarming Gifts for Spring

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Going to a house warming party this weekend? Few things are more exciting than moving into a new place and every empty home offers the potential and the promise of a new start.

Housewarming gifts are a great way to help residents feel comfortable in an unfamiliar place and house warming parties are great occasions to attend and celebrate that transition into a new chapter.

You want to give this new home owner an unusual gift that will be remembered. A present that will amaze them and give them the “wow” factor when they unwrap your thoughtful gift.

Identify the house owner's likes and dislikes.

Does the home owner like spending time outside? Then think about creating comfort on the patio.

Is the home owner a "foodie"? Then think practical things for the kitchen.

Does the home owner want some quirky or lifestyle stuff, as he/she currently has everything they need already? Then think about a unique piece of hand made art.

Sea Island Wicker Patio Lounge Chair Set With Red Cushion - Set of 2

Patio Lounge Chairs

Patio furniture is the perfect year-round gift and outside space can quickly become a second living room during warm weather. Outdoor living areas increase quality of life and can transform any yard or patio into functional space.

Look for patio furniture that provides comfort and durability. Wicker outdoor furniture will surely capture the hearts of your loved ones who like relaxing on classic furniture and can turn outdoor living space into a comfortable nook.

Wicker patio furniture is easily maintained and is a welcome addition to every back yard or patio.

Duluth Forge 21 Inch Kamado Grill With Table - Antique Grey

Kamado Grill and Smokers

Kamado grills are an extremely versatile cooking appliance that ancient people have been using for over 4 thousand years.

They are deeply rooted in history and the reason for this is because of their flexibility as they can be used for smoking, grilling or baking.

Kamado's usefulness are being rediscovered today and modern technological advances have made them even stronger and longer-lasting.

Ease of Use

In addition to its versatility and durability, there are a number of factors that make a Kamado grill easy to use:

  • Assembly time 15-30 minutes
  • Start-up time 15 minutes
  • Simply brush or scrape the cooking grate before use to clean
  • Ideal for small outdoor areas

The Kamado doesn’t take up much space while still allowing to cook practically anything. Limited amount of space is not an issue as Kamado grills are about 18-20 inches wide. They are ideal for small outdoor areas, and can even be inserted into a grill table for additional space.

Fire Pit Art Tropical Moon Fire Pit

Fire Pits

One of the hottest design concepts for an outside space is an open fire pit.

Fire pits are welcome additions to any home that can add value as they are attractive pieces of workable art. Whether it's late night cocktails by the fire or roasting s’mores with the kids, a fire pit adds new dimensions to any backyard or patio.

A new home brings new experiences and an exciting new life journey. So if your host prefers either functional products or the unusual, Factory Buys Direct has something for everyone.

​Tips to Choose Classic Patio Furniture

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Whether you are entertaining friends or having a quiet dinner, it’s better to do it in style and comfort with the right patio furniture. Outdoor living areas increase your quality of life and will transform your yard into functional space, so treat your patio as you would any other room in your home when decorating. Charleston Way 5-Piece [...]

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How to Keep Your Tiny House Cool

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How to Keep Your Tiny House Cool Heat can quickly build up in any space, particularly a smaller one and summer can be intense. After a few days of 100 degrees plus heat you might start thinking about how to efficiently cool down your tiny house. Smaller spaces don't often include central air conditioners and actually waste [...]

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Tips for a Grilled Easter Feast

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Most people think of Easter Sunday as a time to gather with family and friends around the dining room table with the good china. It’s a scene that’s repeated over and over again. But if you love being outside on a beautiful spring day, why not have a Grilled Easter Feast! Easter is the holiday of rebirth and cooking [...]

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Heating Your Tiny House

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What are tiny houses? Shows like "Tiny House Nation" are so successful because people want to learn about simple and affordable homes. There are currently more than 30 microcommunities across the United States, according to Tiny House Community and they are very popular among people who want more financial freedom, a lower carbon footprint, and a [...]

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Fire Pits Heat Up Your Outdoor Space

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Fire Pits Heat Up Your Outdoor Space One of the hottest design concepts for an outside space is an open fire pit. There is no better way to spend your summer nights than outside, gathered around a crackling fire with your friends and family, but you can also extend your spring and fall entertaining seasons a bit [...]

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Real Irish BBQ on St. Patrick's Day

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Real Irish BBQ on St. Patrick's Day American's think that St. Patrick's Day is an excuse to drink green beer and eat corned beef and cabbage. The truth is that boiled Corned Beef isn't an Irish dish. It is American. In fact, many of the traditions of St. Patrick's Day celebrations didn't make it to Ireland [...]

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Fans Brave 40 Degree Drop in Temperature For NHL Stadium Series Game

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Photo courtesy of Kevin Lorenzi/The Times Fans Brave 40 Degree Drop in Temperature For NHL Stadium Series Game Tailgaters outside Heinz Field in Pittsburgh for the NHL Stadium series admitted they weren’t ready for the sudden drop in temperature. The highly-anticipated outdoor game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers was held at Heinz Field on Feb. [...]

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Scandinavian Design

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Scandinavian Design: More Than Just Ikea When we think of Scandinavian design we typically think of whitewashed walls, natural wood floors, rooms flooded with light and....Ikea! People are shying away from big, heavy sets of furniture and moving toward Scandinavian furniture because it has a lot of classic elements but also lends itself easily to modern interiors. Scandinavian [...]

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Heat Up Your Tailgate with a Tank-Top Propane Heater

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Image courtesy of www.rantsports.comHeat Up Your Tailgate with a Tank-Top Propane Heater Tailgating during March Madness is a right of passage at most NCAA colleges and hosting the perfect tailgate before the big game is key. Sports fans around the country debate the best way to tailgate, but there’s one thing that all tailgaters can [...]

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