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Choosing A Gas Log Set

Choosing A Gas Log Set

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Choosing A Gas Log Set

Adding a gas log set to your home creates a warm and inviting environment for guests to enjoy. Choosing a gas log set for your home depends on the size and style you’d like to add.

Before buying a gas log set, you will need to measure the height, length, and depth of your firebox so you know what size log set to purchase for your home. Depending on if you have an existing fireplace or a ventless firebox can depend on what type of log set you will get for your home. For instance, if you have a chimney or flue you might consider adding a vented log set to your home, where as if you do not have access to a chimney or flue you would add a ventless log set inside a firebox. Fireboxes that are zero-clearance are easy to be placed in any home because they can be placed directly against the wall.

The second step in choosing a log set will depend on your own personal opinions. Log sets can come in many different designs and styles so you will want to pick the one that will look best in your home. Being dual fuel, our log sets can connect to either liquid propane or natural gas. If you do not know what type of fuel your log set should run on, you should know that the type of flame you choose can affect the flames color. For instance, natural gas will have a blue tint to the bottom of the flame while propane will look more red.

The last step in choosing a gas log set is to decide which features you would like for your log set. Some log sets can connect to a remote. Remote controlled log sets add convenience when igniting your fireplace. Simply pressing a button on a remote to start a fire is an easy way to create warm environment. If you decide to have a remote unit be sure to follow instructions to pair your remote and receiver box.

Duluth Forge Vent Free Dual Fuel Gas Log Set with Remote Control

Pairing Devices

The first step in pairing the remote to the log set is making sure the receiver and the remote both have batteries installed in them. After that is done you can then ignite your pilot light on the gas log set. Once the pilot is lit, you will then grab a paper clip or pen and press the “learn” button on the receiver box. This button must be held until you hear three beeps from the receiver box. After the three beeps, you can switch the receiver box over to the remote section and press the on button on the remote. If you are having difficulties with pairing your remote to one of our units, please contact our technical support!

Choosing the log set that you would like to put in your home depends on what type of atmosphere you’d like to create for your guests. No matter which log set you decide to install in your home, always be sure to have a certified technician do the installation.

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