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Creating Cost Efficient Luxury

Creating Cost Efficient Luxury

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Cost Efficient Luxury

Creating Cost Efficient Luxury

Bowling Green, KY - Inexpensively creating a comfortable and warm environment for friends and family to enjoy is a goal for any homeowner. The use of a ventless fireplace can help create this warm, welcoming environment. A ventless fireplace is a system that does not need a chimney, flue, or vent to operate. These systems offer a cost efficient way of providing supplemental heating and comfort to a home when the weather grows cold. 

Customizing the layout of a ventless fireplace is made easy due to zero clearance systems. Having a zero clearance system means that the fireplace can be placed directly on the floor without footing and directly placed against walls or other structures. These systems can be installed against most walls and do not require extra or certain structures around it. When placing your ventless fireplace, you can pair it next to the wall or mantel that it pairs with best. This feature makes it possible for almost any home to add the feeling of warmth and luxury that a fireplace provides.

There are different ventless fireplace options available to people who are looking to add cost efficient luxury to their homes. Deciding on what type of fireplace can depend on the different looks and heating methods each one has to offer.

Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace offers the warmth and ambience of a fireplace without the actual fire. With the use of glowing embers, the electric fireplace has a unique look that can radiate heat throughout any room. This system works by emitting infrared light which is absorbed by the objects in the room. The electric fireplace can bring the perfect temperature and style to your home. By just a touch of the remote, you can adjust the thermostat, lights, flames, and timer of the fireplace. Using the infrared technology, electric fireplaces are a silent but very effective heating option.

Gas Fireplace

Gas Fireplace

Enjoying the ambiance that a fire has to offer can be portrayed by a ventless gas fireplace. A gas fireplace can offer the look and feel of a fire but without the hassle of chopping wood. These fireplaces create a warm and inviting atmosphere that can make your home a comfortable environment for friends and family to gather. With realistic, hand painted log sets, gas fireplaces provides the extra warmth needed in the winter time. A gas fireplace offers a simple and cost efficient way of heating your room. 

Adding luxury and comfort to a home is simple with a ventless fireplace. Whichever type of ventless fireplace you choose to install in your home be sure to have a professional for the installation process. By having a professional install your ventless fireplace, you will ensure that the warranty on the unit stays valid and the product is installed appropriately.

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