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Winter Storm Prep

Winter Storm Prep

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Winter Storm Prep

Winter time is here and as we get further into the season the temperature will continue to drop. Cold weather can bring vicious winter storms which have in the past caused sleet, ice, freezing rain, and sometimes power outages. These winter storms have even been so powerful that people would be stranded at their house with no electricity. Being prepared this winter and having a plan can help during a destructive winter storm.

Prepared Kit

Gathering items for an emergency kit during winter storms can come in handy. If the electricity were to go out or if you were stranded at your house, you could turn to your kit to assist. If you are looking for ideas for your emergency kit The Red Cross has a list of items that you should have set aside for any emergency. An emergency kit is a life saving tool that can be utilized in the case of a winter storm power outage. Being able to have this kit handy during the winter can help take care of you and your family members. 

Emergency Heating

An electricity outage in the winter can be dangerous with freezing temperatures. Being prepared to keep your home warm without the use of electricity in the winter is a great asset. A gas space heater is a wonderful tool to keep in your house as an emergency heating unit. Running on either propane or natural gas, these space heaters make a perfect heating element for emergencies. 

When deciding on what type of heater you desire to keep at your house can depend on how the gas space heater provides warmth. An infrared heater has an orange plaque on the frontside of the unit that radiates heat. When turned on it will heat just like the sun, meaning objects in the room will quickly feel the warmth. These types of heaters work best in un-insulated rooms because you can feel the warmth radiating off the heater. The heat pushed out by an infrared heater is often compared to standing in front of a fire, the warmth is felt instantaneously. An infrared heater is a cost-efficient emergency heating unit that can provide warmth quickly. 

A blue flame gas space heater is a unique heater that is efficient and versatile when heating a room. When turned on the blue flame heater heats the air in the room first not the objects. These heaters will work best in insulated rooms due to the heater warming the air instead of immediately heating objects. Once the air in the room is heated the blue flame heater will keep the temperature in the room comfortably warm. Blue flame heaters along with their calming appearance, are efficient gas space heaters that can be a great tool in an emergency.

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