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​Black Friday Sale Gift Guide

​Black Friday Sale Gift Guide

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Black Friday Guide

With the Holidays right around the corner, venturing out to shopping malls and departments store will increasingly become more of a pain. However Factory Buys Direct has you covered so you can skip the lines and shop from the comfort of your own home.

Infrared Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplace for Black Friday

Winter won’t be easing up any time soon, but you can give the gift of cost-effective, supplemental heating to help ensure your love ones are warm until summertime. A self-contained electric fireplace will radiant powerful heat to warm a desired space without the added hassle and cost of gas burner installation or outside venting. Our Infrared Electric Fireplaces are available in a variety of styles and feature adjustable background lights and glowing embers to mimic the realistic glow of a traditional wood burning fireplace. Adjusting the temperature, lights, flames, and timer is easy and quick using the battery operated remote control included with the unit. Simply plug the unit in to any standard 120V outlet and enjoy the classic ambiance of a fireplace without the mess.

Shelf Mantels with CorbelsAntique White Mantel for Black Friday

Fireplace mantels are, arguably, as timeless as the fireplaces they are often paired with. Adding functional style to a home, mantels are capable of providing support and protection to the surrounding walls while also displaying your prized possessions. During the holidays, mantels are decorated center pieces that help add festive charm to a home. Available with or without corbels depending on your aesthetic, mantels offer additional storage and a decorative touch to any room.

Fire Glass and Fire Glass Burner KitsDuluth Forge Vented Fire Glass for Black Friday Gift

Dazzle a loved one or add a mesmerizing sparkle to your fireplace by purchasing a fire glass burner kit. Meant to replace the realistic look of ceramic logs, fire glass burners providing a unique, dazzling spectacle for a more modern ambiance that is sure to wow family members or guests.  Our Duluth Forge Vented Fire Glass Burner Kit features a U-Burner chassis design for full flames throughout the burner, a durable black powder coated burner, and an included damper clamp.

Fire Glass

Fire Glass for Black Friday Gift

These kits include reflective or non-reflective fire glass text that is available in a variety of colors to create a unique glow when paired with a row of real flames. Essentially, fire glass function to add color and refract light to create a more dynamic experience. Furthermore, because the glass is first tempered, it won’t burn, pop, or produce soot or fumes.  Our Duluth Forge Fire Glass is available in several colors, sizes, and with either reflective (Premium) or non-reflective (Classic) properties.

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