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​Decorating Your Mantel for Valentine's Day

​Decorating Your Mantel for Valentine's Day

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Ventless Gas Fireplaces for Valentine's Day

One perk to having a fireplace in your home is the ability to decorate it year-round throughout the different holidays. A fireplace mantel is a focal point of a room and executing the perfect layering will convey your personal style.

To help you create a more romantic atmosphere this Valentine’s Day, or to help you snap some elegant photos for your Instagram, we’ve created some decorating tips for you to review down below.

Ventless Gas Fireplaces for Valentine's DayLarge Anchor Piece

Finding a large object as your centerpiece to fill the middle space above your mantel will help you establish a theme and decorate the rest of your mantel. For Valentine’s Day, heart shaped decorations are best and easy to find at most of your local stores. However, to further personalize, or to romanticize, your decorations, you can purchase wooden hearts from craft stores to hand paint and add any letters or text significant to you.

Pieces made from stained glass will attract and reflect light in beautiful ways, or classic wooden hearts or varying sizes or colors can be scattered about your mantel for a more cozy feel.


Candles are a timeless classic and create soft lighting to compliment the flickering flames of your ventless fireplace. However, they can also add depth to your mantel decorations by filling gaps or height by adding in candelabras or simple tea lights. Larger candles can be customized as anchor pieces, or smaller one can be placed off to the side for support.

When using wicked candles instead of electric, it’s important to keep fire safety in mind as well.

Flowers & Filler

Second to candles, and maybe chocolate, flowers are an important feature for Valentine’s day. Fresh flowers are always a great center piece and add a lovely fragrance to enhance your Valentine's Day experience.

Heart garlands can be strung over a mirror for added flair or framed on the front of your mantel. Similarly, heart-shaped wreaths can be covered in dried roses or branches and topped with a simple ribbon or bow. These wreaths can also be repurposed and redecorated for different holidays throughout the year as well. Again, fire safety when placing flowers on your mantel is important to keep in mind to help prevent any potential accidents.

Ventless Fireplace for Valentine's Day


Red is a feature color for Valentine’s Day due to its associate with love, passion, and desire. Certain psychological studies have even found that the color can increase “…the pulse and heart rate, and rais[e] your blood pressure.” Secondary colors often seen include pink, white, and occasionally lavender, while gold and silver are frequently used as elegant compliment to the color red.

When decorating your mantel, center pieces in red will make them stand out and can be framed or complimented by secondary colors.


Keep scale in mind when decorating your fireplace mantel. Decorations of different sizes may be more attractive to you, or you might perfect to have some items overlapping and connected. By mindfully placing pieces on your mantel, you can avoid gaps or overcrowding while still creating a decorative mantel unique to you and your Valentine’s Day aesthetic. 

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