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​Electric Fireplace for Valentine's Day and Every Day

​Electric Fireplace for Valentine's Day and Every Day

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Electric Fireplace for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day has long been associated with love, comfort, and the warmth of sitting by a glowing fire with a loved one. However, achieving this picturesque scene costs a significant amount of money for the installation, proper venting, and regular maintenance of a traditional masonry fireplace. The solution for fireplace enthusiasts on a budget can be found in an electric fireplace. These fireplaces come with a lower price tag, energy efficiency, and several other benefits you can enjoy year-round.

Low Cost

For many homeowners, the thousands of dollars spent on fireplace installation isn’t worth the amount of time spent in front of the fire or heating your home, especially if you reside in a warmer region like the U.S. sun belt. A more cost-effective option can be found in electric fireplaces, which don’t require chimney cleaning or the consistent purchase of firewood. Furthermore, the installation and maintenance of an electric fireplace is often a fraction of the cost spent on wood or gas fireplaces. With electric fireplaces, you simply plug them in and enjoy.

Energy Efficiency

While there are a variety of supplemental heating appliances that can be used to reduce your heating bill, one of the most energy efficient appliances is the electric fireplace. These units can help lower your energy bills due to the fact that they consume less energy and, as a supplemental heating appliance, focus primarily on heating one room efficiently. In comparison, central heating systems attempt to heat an entire house through ductwork, but are less efficient as air traveling in this ductwork can cool before it reaches a room.


Understandably, there are a number of safety concerns that naturally come with a fireplace ranging from toxic fumes, sparks, and potential burn injuries to smaller children or family pets. In contrast, electric fireplaces usually remain cool to the touch and lack a live flame, allowing you to heat your space without significant concerns for you or your family’s safety.

Use Year Round

While most fireplaces inherently generate heat while in use, electric fireplaces have the unique ability to be used with or without heat. Thus, you can enjoy the realistic flame effects for added ambiance to your home year-round. 

20" Compact Cherry Oak Electric Fireplace

20” Compact Cherry Oak Electric Fireplace With Caster Wheels


This electric fireplace provides supplemental heat for up to 400 square feet. Featuring a finished wood veneer mantel and realistic looking flame effects, this fireplace will add heat and ambiance to any room.

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