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​Fall Fireplace Inspection Time!

​Fall Fireplace Inspection Time!

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Fall Fireplace Inspection Time

Ventless Gas Fireplaces rank as some of the best-selling gas appliances due to their relatively easy maintenance and cleaner burning. Unfortunately, this also causes some people to believe they can forego their annual inspections. Annual inspections should be conducted for all fireplaces as they are essential to ensuring your unit works safely and efficiently all winter long. Inspections should be completed by a certified technician, and to find one in your area click here.  If you've ever been curious about an inspection entails, we've included some details for you down below.

Fall Fireplace maintenance


Your technician will begin by first examining the outside of your unit. During this time, the technicians will inspect the frame of your fireplace to make sure it is sturdy, check your glass doors for chips or cracks, confirm your fireplace doors close tightly, and look for any dents or outside residue.


During the interior inspection of your fireplace, the technician will remove the front your unit in order to gain access to and examine the inner components. Some of the common maintenance issues the technician will look for include:

  • Clogged ports
  • Faulty pilot lights
  • Dirty or damaged thermopiles and thermocouples
  • Corroded burners
  • Loose connections

At the same time, your technician will examine your heat output, and clean out any blocked debris that may be affecting the efficiency of your unit. They will also test your carbon monoxide detectors to make sure the emissions of your fireplace are properly being monitored, in addition to your fireplace’s internal temperature sensor. Finally, your technicians will examine your ceramic logs to make sure they are properly placed and not deteriorating.

If at any time during the inspection you have questions about your Ventless Gas Fireplace , please feel free to ask your certified technician as they will have the most accurate, up to date knowledge about your unit.

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