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​Pet Fireplace Safety

​Pet Fireplace Safety

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The supplemental heat provided by Gas Fireplaces and Gas Log Inserts can provide significant heat to warm your family and home, however there are some members of your household who may not comprehend the basic rules of fireplace safety. Whether you own a Vented Gas Fireplace or a Ventless Gas Stove, it’s important to know these tips to help keep your pets safe and sound when your fireplace or stove is in use.


Supervising your pets while you are in the room is one of the simplest ways to keep watch over your pets. However, there are limitations to this method that make it difficult to uphold it for longer periods of time.


Pets, like smaller children, may not realize that fireplaces can harm them. The metal and glass of a gas fireplace can heat up to high temperatures which can cause painful burns of your pet brushes up against it. When coupled with their curious nature and our inability to supervised them the entire time, fireplaces can be dangerous and one of the best safety precautions is to train our pets to stay away from them.

The age ole squirt bottle or water gun can be used to train your pet to keep a safe distance from your fireplace. Cats for example, can quickly make the connection between the fireplace area and water, therefore allowing them to learn over time to avoid the area. While some disgruntlement and cold shoulder treatment from your pet may occur, the important takeaway is that that will be safer.

Modern technology such as electronic repellents can also be used as a safety precaution. After placing the unit nearby your fireplace, built in motion sensors will spray a gust of air whenever your pet comes too close, thereby encouraging them to back up a safe distance. An ultrasonic noise repellent, like electronic repellent devices, deters your pets should they come too close to your fireplace by emitting an unpleasant ultrasonic noise. Touch-activated or electric mats can also be used to train your pets to be cautious of coming too close to your fireplace.

Pet Gate

If your pet is particularly rambunctious or excitable, it may be difficult to dedicate the time necessary to train or supervise them to prevent accidents and injuries. The quickest solution can be found in a common pet gate. These gates can be used to block doorways leading directly into the room, thereby keeping your pet safe while the fireplace continues to generate heat. Specialized, configurable pet gates can also be purchased and installed around the fireplace area, creating a boundary between them and the fireplace.

Avoid Playing Near the Fire

To try and prevent accidental injuries its best to avoid playing with your pet near your fireplace, as they could accidentally stumble into it or fall against the glass potentially causing burns.

Create a pet safe environment in the area where your fireplace or stove is, in addition to pet training, will help ensure you and your entire family are safe and warm this winter.

All Factory Buys Direct  Ventless Gas Fireplaces include a screen or glass doors to help make your fireplace area more safe.

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