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Sasquatch Q&A: Best Craft Beers for Camping

Sasquatch Q&A: Best Craft Beers for Camping

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Avenger Coolers are great for camping

Camping is, of course, one of my favorite activities in the summer, fall, spring and, well.. pretty much every season.

And being a bit of craft beer snob, I like to bring along some of my favorite brews, hey it’s important to stay hydrated.

Avenger Coolers are great for camping

For outdoor adventures like hiking and swimming, I recommend bringing a combination of both cans and bottles.

Cans are lighter and easier to carry, and they can alo be crushed for a compact clean-up but for the campsite itself, bring some of your favorite bottles.

Richer, heavier beers are perfect for passing around the campfire.

Avenger coolers are great for camping

Choosing Cooler Size

I actually bring two 75-Quart Avenger Coolers with me with I go camping, one for food and the other for beer so I don’t have to fish around for my favorites.

Avenger Coolers are made to keep ice for a week as well as keep your beer protected from wild animals, like me!

The amazing ice retention is due to the construction of the cooler which is made from rotationally molded plastic.

Rotomolded coolers are more expensive but are worth it as they are way more durable than regular coolers and will save money and expensive food and beer in the long run.

Rotomolded coolers also have more insulation and tighter seals to keep the cold inside and the warm out.

There is nothing like sitting by the fire and cracking a cold one with good friends, telling stories, but most important is having an ice cold beer.

There are several factors involved in making beer choices for camping, like how long of a trip is it going to be?

What sort of weather and terrain will you encounter?

Is it a car camping or backpacking trip?

And are you physically able to carry the amount of beer that you’re likely to consume?

I can carry an Avenger Hero 75-Quart under each arm but you might want to think about the Jr if you are going to haul it miles into the woods.

Avenger Coolers for craft beer

Imperial Stout

My “go to” campfire brew is, of course, Imperial Stout.

I like my stout like I like my women….bold with a bitter aftertaste.

Stout drinks like a strong ale, has plenty of piney hops and pours like motor oil.

It’s pretty much a dark roasted cup of coffee in a beer.

Perfect after a long day of hiking.

Pale Ale

For years, canned beers tasted stale and the selection was very limited.

As a nouveau can-enthusiasts, I know that aluminum can be recycled almost indefinitely and cans also save space.

They are indispensable for the camping because they are shatterproof and taste great now because there is more local breweries canning.

The real enemy of beer is light and a canned beer stay at room temperature and above for extended periods of time without any change in flavor, but even minutes in sunlight can affect the taste of a beer.

Pale Ale is a Pilsner with a touch of rye and has a clean, crisp flavor.

Enjoy it down by the river with a buddy!

Keep craft beer perfect in Avenger Coolers

Scottish Style Ale

Canned Scottish ale has a strong alcohol content at sometimes an 8% ABV!

It’s brewed with a lot of malted barley and and a dash of beechwood-smoked malt.

It has a sweet butterscotch flavor, with a nice dose of smoke.

This is a hearty little brew that is perfect for every season.

Basically it boils down to sitting around a fire, resting tired bones from fishing and hiking, and drinking a few beers with friends.

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