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​Sasquatch Q&A: Best Fall Camping Spots

​Sasquatch Q&A: Best Fall Camping Spots

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Bring Avenger Coolers on your next adventure

Some people make a big fuss about the color of the leaves up in New England, and I tend to agree it's great to experience the brilliance of the season up close and personal with a fall camping trip.

Fall in New England is famous for glorious colors and the cooler weather is perfect for camping from the Green Mountains of Vermont to the Berkshires in Massachusetts.

Maine kicks off the fall colors in New England and then it trickles down the Eastern seaboard to the Catskills in New York as cooler temperatures are perfect for hiking and fishing.

Skies are clearer in the fall which is better for stargazing and cooler temperatures eliminate the bugs and make gathering around a warm fire even more inviting.

The campgrounds and hiking trails are generally secluded in the fall.

Glamping in Maine

I like to spend the night in the open air but sometimes the Misses wants a little pampering, so when we are in Maine, we rent out a Yurt near Acadia National Park.

A yurt is a portable round tent traditionally used by the nomads of Central Asia and can be as fancy as the Ritz Carlton.

Acadia National Park has everything, mountains for hiking, ocean and lakes for fishing and Bar Harbor for shopping and fine dining (I did mention the Misses is with me).

The park is home to hundreds of different species of wildlife that include; white-tailed deer, moose, beavers, bobcats, and black bears.

We usually bring a smaller Avenger Hero Jr. 20-Quart Cooler with a couple of bottles of champagne, cheese and salami.

The Jr. is perfect for that quick fall weekend getaway to score points with your significant other. 

Seasonal Camping in New Hampshire

The White Mountains are outstanding for brook trout fishing and there are lots of rivers and streams that remain open year round on the Fish and Game website:

New Hampshire has beautiful lakes surrounded by colorful foliage and serious hiking trails up mountains and across meadows.

Trout trout do not feed as often in the fall as they do in warmer months because most insects have hatched for the season.

In the fall, Trout will feed from dawn until mid-morning, but once the air temperature gets below 50 degrees, the best time for fall trout fishing will be from noon till late afternoon.

I usually bring 2 Avenger Hero 45-Quart Coolers along to keep my catch fresh and my beer cold.

A Perfect Foliage Weekend in Vermont

Fall camping is special in Vermont because the colors are beyond gorgeous, and you can rent a cabin, move in for the weekend, and disappear from reality.

Hiking the trails hug the shores of glacial ponds before diving into a Boreal Forest.

Bring your kayak and paddle around before heading back to the cabin for a hearty meal and cold beer from your Avenger Hero Extreme 75-Quart Cooler.

Don't forget to stop by the Ben & Jerry's plant for a free tour and sample of your favorite flavor.

Avenger Coolers for your next Adventure

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