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The Advantages of Buying Refurbished Products; The Pros and Cons

The Advantages of Buying Refurbished Products; The Pros and Cons

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ProCom Recon Kerosene Forced Air Heater - 160,000-220,000 BTU, Multifuel

ProCom Recon Kerosene Forced Air Heater - 160,000-220,000 BTU, Multifuel

Advantages of Buying Refurbished Products

It’s true, consumers around the globe do not gravitate towards refurbished vent-free fireplaces, space heaters, gas log sets and fans as their top priority. In fact, the terms “refurbished” and “reconditioned” seem to conjure up a few negative thoughts and opinions. Then, why spend money on something that isn’t brand new, and is it safe to buy appliances that have been reconditioned?

Why buy them: Consumers choose refurbished products mostly for their discounted prices, but many buyers do not realize that these products are also being carefully inspected and reconditioned based on high working standards. In other words, consumers save money with the certainty that it has been looked over, tested, and perfected.

When it is safe to buy: A return policy should be a MUST when buying refurbished appliances. All buyers should be given the time and freedom to test out the products themselves to make sure everything is working properly. Never buy reconditioned appliances with unreliable warranties or policies because purchasing cheaper products with an unfair deal is a huge risk. 

Finding the right company: Refurbished appliances are safest to purchase from reliable companies with a great policy or companies that are in the business of refurbishing products. It is preferred that companies selling refurbished appliances are receiving them directly from the manufacturers to ensure that all products are being properly tested and reworked.

Introduction to Refurbished Products

Refurbished, also known as reconditioned, means that a products has been reworked, fixed, returned, or even new products that were unable to be sold as “new” due to certain circumstances. Products fall into the refurbished category because of cosmetic or exterior damages, sample units used for demonstration or showing, open boxes that have been returned for non-defective reasons, or product defects that were caused during the manufacturing process. Unfortunately in most cases, buyers won’t know why the certain product has been refurbished. This is one reason why some consumers oppose the idea of purchasing refurbished products as it is a big deal-breaker for them. Factory Buys Direct reassures consumers that may be on the fence about purchasing refurbished fireplaces, heaters and fans by understanding the struggle in deciding for refurbished products and making it their priority for the shopper’s experience to be pleasing.

ProCom Recon Kerosene Forced Air Heater - 80,000-110,000 BTU, Multifuel

ProCom Recon Kerosene Forced Air Heater - 80,000-110,000 BTU, Multifuel

The “Pros”: How Factory Buys Direct Steps In

Factory Certified:

Factory Buys Direct is successful in the refurbishing business because theyhave partnered up with a USA-based manufacturing company called Procom Heating. Procom Heating is known for their high quality, U.S.-made heating appliances and equipment for many years. All of Factory Buys Direct’s reconditioned products come directly from Procom Heating. Therefore, Factory Buys Direct’s refurbished products are all Factory Certified.

Customer Satisfaction:

Procom Heating's craftsmanship of their refurbished products is top notch. However, Factory Buys Direct understands that there may be cases in which the purchased product might not reach the final destination in the same great-working condition as it was before it shipped. This is why Factory Buys Direct created and still implements the 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee policy for their refurbished appliances. Their Customer Support Department works each day to meet the customer’s issues and needs. They can easily be reached via phone, email, or the chat messenger found on the Factory Buys Direct website. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with Factory Buys Direct!

Amazing Prices:

With Factory Buys Direct, the whole point is to sell high quality products with the lowest discounted price possible. Not only are their refurbished fireplaces, heater and fans at a great discounted price, but their new merchandise is also at the best and affordable price point on the market. Factory Buys Direct makes this possible by partnering with manufacturing companies and buying directly from the factory, passing all the savings along to their customers.

Factory Buys Direct’s Mission Statement:

“At Factory Buys Direct, our mission is to provide online shoppers the highest quality, best value products available by purchasing direct from factories and passing the savings on to you.” Factory Buys Direct has been fast-growing ever since they first opened because of their mission to help their customers save a bunch and gain more.

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