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​To Corbel or Not to Corbel: That is the Question!

​To Corbel or Not to Corbel: That is the Question!

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Corbels add elegance

Whether 'tis nobler to have a sleek modern look. Or embrace classic lines and the additional support of pretty brackets.

Corbels offer fireplace mantels a more dramatic look, but are they as exaggerated as the actions of a character within a Shakespeare play? Or, do they offer a stylish alternative to help support or display your prized possessions?

The word " corbel" is a derivative of the old French “corb” or the Latin “corvus” which translates to “raven”, and specifically references the raven’s unique beak shape. In architecture, a corbel, also known as a bracket or cornice, is commonly a piece of stone or wood designed to carry and support weight. Aside from their practical use, corbels have also been ornate or intricately carved for add style and aesthetic.

But they also can be ornate, richly carved pieces of functional artwork. In classic-style architecture, plain corbels were traded for hand carved corbels featuring intricate designs or motifs of angels, demons, and mythological creatures or beings.

Corbels are functional art for fireplace mantels

During the construction of medieval cathedrals or sacred buildings, corbels were designed to be grotesque and resemble either demons, gargoyles, or the like to ward of evil spirits from entering the building. Conversely, corbels with visually appealing designs such as fruit, foliage, etc were also used to compliment overall architectural designs with simple, elegant features. As stated previously, corbels generally are meant to add decoration or support, and sometimes both, to the architecture they are featured in.

Due to their decorative nature, vintage styled corbels are often included in rustic or antique designs, whereas modern looks usually completely omit them altogether.or no corbels at all for a sleek modern look.

Brown Duluth Forge 60-Inch Fireplace Shelf Mantel With CorbelsDuluth Forge Brown Mantel with Corbels

The Duluth Forge shelf mantel is perfect for any FactoryBuysDirect gas fireplace inserts, wood fireplaces or stoves!

The 9 inch shelf depth allows for plenty of displays, a decorative touch, and includes a classic look due to corbels crafted from solid acacia wood.

Antique White Duluth Forge 48-Inch Fireplace Shelf Mantel With Corbels

Duluth Forge Corbels add elegance to any room

The 48-Inch wide mantel is perfect for small to medium size fireplaces and can be used as a stylish shelf without a fireplace as well.  Corbels crafted from gorgeous Acacia Wood with a solid white finish incorporating a slight brushing effect to add  authenticity to the quality finish.

Antique Brown Duluth Forge 48-Inch Fireplace Shelf Mantel With Corbels

No corbels for a sleek modern floating look

Burnished edges add to the natural beauty of the wood grain while corbels add a traditional, rustic feel, or a sleek look if you prefer to remove them.

Is it Better to Have Corbels or Not?

Is better to have corbels or not? In the end, it decision to include them in your home and aesthetic is up to you!

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