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​Why You Need Supplemental Cooling This Summer

​Why You Need Supplemental Cooling This Summer

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The 2017 U.S. summer forecast says heat and humidity will plague the South while wildfires rage in California. The Weather Company's forecast shows both coasts and the South will have above-average temperatures.

What else is new?

Northeast and mid-Atlantic

Wet weather and severe storms will keep extreme temperatures at bay in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic this summer, while heat and humidity plague the South.

Meanwhile, California will be at risk from wildfires due to abundant vegetation from all the winter rain and the Northwest will grapple with outbreaks of severe hot weather.

According to the, there will be plenty of hot weather but nothing like the drought conditions in 2016, however northeastern cities, including New York City and Boston, may end up with slightly more 90-degree days than normal.


Fire will continue to threaten the Southeast despite possible tropical storms. More than 100 fires have ripped across Florida this spring and the threat shows no sign of relenting this summer. Showers and storms will be widespread across the Southeast while humidity levels will be high.

Northern and Southern Plains

Dry Heat will grip the northern and southern Plains. The early warmth in the summer across the northern Plains will trigger severe weather. Drier conditions will set in from mid- to late season, allowing temperatures to climb.

The prolonged dryness might stress crops later in the season.

California and the Northwest

Despite significant rain and mountain snow across California early this year, wildfires will still rage this summer.

Significant rain in the winter has led to abundant vegetation which is fuel for fires. The heat may be inconsistent across California, but temperatures are predicted to rise significantly in July, increasing the chances for fires.


Severe weather to strike Northwest

The Northwest will face periods of severe weather, including showers and thunderstorms that will strike in June at times, but the latter part of the summer will bring the greatest risk for severe heat across the interior Northwest, including Spokane, Washington, and Boise, Idaho.

Supplemental Cooling with Portable Air Conditioner

There is no doubt things are going to heat up this summer and it's important that the indoor temperature be kept at a comfortable level and that the heat is kept out. When deciding on whether or not you need supplemental cooling, ask yourself, is there a room that is used a lot that needs to be cooled down more than others?

When it comes to cooling your living and office space, be sure to know what options are available.

Most newer homes have a central cooling system but if you're thinking about upgrading to central air, be prepared to spend between $6,000 and $15,000, depending on the size and complexity of the job and installation usually takes several days

You also need to maintain and clean the ducts and filters regularly.

Central air is great if you have a large family or office where people are constantly moving from room to room but if you use just one or 2 rooms, you are wasting energy and money.

Supplemental cooling may be just the thing to keep you cool in certain rooms throughout your home.

Supplemental cooling will provide the extra push of cool air in areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, offices, classrooms, man cave's, computer rooms, and much more.

Basically, supplemental portable air conditioners will work well wherever there is a need.

Avenger Portable Air Conditioner With Heater and Remote Control - 12,000 BTU

Avenger Portable Air Conditioner With Heater and Remote Control - 12,000 BTU

Perfect for all supplemental cooling and heating needs, the Avenger 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control also includes Heater and Dehumidifier functions. This portable air conditioner provides ample airflow to cool spaces up to 500 sq. ft. and the two-way up/down air deflection circulates air evenly throughout the room.

The Avenger Portable Air Conditioner can be placed wherever it's needed the most and the digital controls offer precise temperature adjustments, and the remote control lets you control the air conditioner from across the room.

Portable Air Conditioners are quick and easy to install, and normally only need to be taken out of the box and plugged into a regular electrical outlet and vented almost anywhere.

It also has casters that allow easy movement to the areas, so it is extremely versatile.

Avenger Portable Air Conditioner With Heater and Remote Control will not only keep you comfortable and servers safe from temperature changes, but it will also save on energy bills and protect the environment by using less energy.

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