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Your Quick Grilling Guide: Comparing Gas vs. Kamado Grills

Your Quick Grilling Guide: Comparing Gas vs. Kamado Grills

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Your Quick Grilling Guide: Comparing Gas vs. Kamado Grills

BOWLING GREEN, KY- With the weather slowly warming up across the country, more people will venture outside and indulge in the longstanding American tradition of barbecuing food on the grill. Whether you’re a greenhorn or an enthusiast looking for a new grill, this quick guide comparing gas grills and traditional kamado grills will help you choose the best BBQ grill for all your summer barbecuing needs.

Gas Grills

Bull BBQ Gas Grills

  • Fuel: Propane or Natural Gas
  • Temperature Range: ~300-600°F
  • Cooking Type(s): Grilling, Searing

By far one of the most common types of grills, gas grills are a staple in most homes due to their ease of use and ability to run on either propane or natural gas. Natural gas grills are stationary and will need to be built in to an island or bar because they need to be hooked up to a permanent gas line, like your kitchen stove. Propane gas grills use portable propane tanks as fuel, therefore making them more portable than their natural gas counterparts.

Most gas BBQ grills are made of stainless steel and can include features like side shelves, a wheelable cart, and temperature control knobs to easily adjust the grill’s heat zone or output. Gas grills can start quickly and are primarily used for grilling, or occasional searing. These BBQ grills are relatively limited in their range of cooking abilities, however certain accessories like a griddle pan, smoker box, or roasting rack can be bought to perform additional cooking techniques on your grill. Gas grills are perfect if you prefer the simplicity of grilling meat or vegetables to your desired temperature and texture for quick, delicious meals.

Kamado Grills

Duluth Forge Kamado Grills

  • Fuel: Charcoal
  • Temperature Range: ~100-800°F
  • Cooking Type(s): Grilling, Searing, Smoking, Roasting, Baking

Kamado grills are unique BBQ grills commonly used for grilling and smoking food. Like our Duluth Forge Kamado grill, these grills often use either lump charcoal or wood for fuel allowing the cook more flexibility when smoking or infusing food with flavor. However, this almost means the grill can take anywhere from an estimated 15-30mins to heat up while the charcoal and wood are lit and begin generating heat. The egg-shaped or dome part of the grill is often made of ceramic, our Duluth Forge Kamado Grill has 1.25” thick ceramic walls, or similar material that can withstand high temperatures or abrupt shifts in temperature when necessary. The ceramic usually makes the grill heavy, however they often are sold with tables or optional stands that give the grill portability.

Primarily known for their versatility, kamado grills can grill up your favorite meat or give it a quick high heat sear, roast vegetables, bake pizzas or breads, and smoke your food for hours on a low heat. The dome shape of the kamado helps retain and circulate heat, while the top and bottom vents allow for heat or smoke adjustments on the fly. In addition to the flexibility of the grill to begin with, there are also numerous kamado grill accessories such as cooking stones, rotisserie kits, iron griddles, and more that can be purchased to help expand your cooking capabilities. Kamado grills are more complex and suited for the home cook looking for more options, like the choice to quickly grill or slowly smoke mouthwatering food.

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